Galax Quartet

Two violins & viola da gamba & cello


The Galax Quartet is modeled after an early version of the string quartet — two violins, cello and viola da gamba — developed by the eighteenth century composer and viola da gamba virtuoso, Carl Friedrich Abel. Since 2005, the Galax Quartet has been commissioning new music, exploring early classical works, and performing these in unexpected collaborations.

Galax has performed new quartets (Marc Mellits, Carl Stone, W.A. Mathieu), often in premieres, played Bach's Art of the Fugue alongside Hubble Telescope images, recorded film music by Belinda Reynolds for PBS (The New Metropolis), accompanied computer images from virtual worlds with mathematician and sci-fi writer Rudy Rucker, created a substantial new body of song cycles with the contralto Karen Clark, and more...