New Blog Post 2

Thursday, September 7, 2017 9:43 AM

Galax (with contralto Karen Clark) is about to begin the third and last recording session for our new CD, which features music by Joseph Schwantner, Marc Mellits and Robert Morris. Before we kickstart the final session, here's an old photo from the June/July session.Elizabeth B. and David W. checking the perfect fifths opening the first of Schwantner’s Thoreau Songs. “Each more melodious note I hear brings this reproach to me, That I alone afford the ear, who would the music be.” For sure, Scwhantner’s music afforts some great melodies—as well as some serious rhythmic challenges, extended passages in musically complex ratios. A "formula' like (5:3:2) x 7 might convey the sense of it. (God help us.)