New Blog Post

Thursday, March 2, 2017 11:34 AM

Here begins a blog on Galax's current recording project with the Music and Arts record label. 

At the end of June, we’re laying down the final tracks for two string quartets by the American composers Robert Morris and Marc Mellits, and for one song cycle by Joseph Schwantner, Dream Drapery: Thoreau Songs, for contralto and strings. (Thanks to New Music USA for financially supporting the commission and premiere of this song cycle back in 2012.)

Eight lovely but little known poems by Henry David Thoreau, as well as the medieval sequence Dies irae, are used in Dream Drapery. The musical settings are deeply felt; the composer, Joe Schwantner, lives in New England, in the neighborhood where Thoreau himself lived and worked. As musicians and performers, we’ve searched for insight into these poems. As it happens, the visual arts have helped deepen our understanding and appreciation for Thoreau’s transcendentalist spirit. We share some of this. Here’s (contralto) Karen Clark’s  crayon sketch for the witty fourth song “A Winter and Spring Scene."

And here is (violinist) Elizabeth’s photographic gloss on the somber song, “I Mark the Summer’s Swift Decline.”

"Oh, could I catch the sounds remote...and sing the requiem of the dying year."